Monday, February 20, 2012

Out of the head and into the body

It's a beginning of a new week and I was feeling the ole' need to start it with a brand new twist, in fact, I would love for every Monday to be stapled with a new activity, new discovery, new "ness" in some way.

Today was my first introduction to a dance class called 5 Rhythms. Eight of us ....two guys and six gals, danced our way through five different rhythms which would rock our bodies and spirits into various stretches, hip grinds, and virtually any other move our individual bodies would like to test out. And boy, did our TeMpLeS sing!

Music that would fall under such categories as Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and lastly, Stillness.... all meant to shake up the dust.

In the end, I was breathless. For an hour and a half my mind was left to hang around just right outside the dance floor, with my coat and boots.

Why couldn't I do that most of the time? We need a rack for the mind, it would be a great invention. My body was the driver, the pencil on the paper. And in a nutshell ....Marvelous Monday!

Monday, February 13, 2012


The first week of March, which is fast approaching, will be the one year mark of being a member of the increasingly popular Unemployed Set.

In the beginning months it had been all but a race to explore all that previously had been unexplored. Violin lessons, volunteer work, museum visits, anything that I could possibly get my hands on that may strike a spark, ignite the heart.

Now a year later, and wishing I could ask Alfie "what's it all about?". I'm not sure if I'm entirely much wiser than I had been a year ago ....and unfortunately, also feeling quite unemployable.

Wonder if anyone else is out there feeling a bit the same way? Giving all you've got, and still, nothing seems to move...