Monday, November 26, 2012

small grains

Today I was skimming through Facebook and I noticed a comment that was made in response to a friend's status update. The comment had to do with finding one occurrence a day that you were truly grateful for, something that made a difference, lit you up, tickled your toes.

A few weeks ago I tried doing that and it just fell flat. I quickly went back into my old ways of worry, distraction, fault finding--with my own self and others.

With the holidays coming up, there really is so much to feel Wonder about. Everyone is out and about. Christmas lights are up, in fact, just this morning I noticed someone who had wrapped their air conditioner in Xmas wrapping paper and a bow. Big ole Xmas present nestled right inside their window.

Also, while on Facebook, I came across a status update from Goddess Leonie Dawson and I quickly grabbed it as my Wonder (or grateful grain) for the day.

"There is not one thing you need to change about yourself to be beautiful. You already are. It's how you were born. True story mate!"

Not sure why, but it just stood out for me today.

What stood out for you?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Very true. Kudos to anyone who is trying any way, in any form.

“Writing or making anything—a poem, a bird feeder, a chocolate cake—has self-respect in it. You’re working. You’re trying. You’re not lying down on the ground, having given up.”   

-Sharon Olds

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Ventures ....and when they show their teeth.

Kids Yoga by lindsay satchell

                                                                   Kids Yoga, a photo by lindsay satchell on Flickr.

        And when she was good, she was very, very good. But when she was bad, she was horrid! 

This statement is something that I would most certainly tack onto my experience teaching my early morning yoga class, today. Not necessarily describing the children themselves, although, they were quite the wild bunch. I was thinking more of how a new venture can go from feeling marvelous, fun, even enlightening, to extremely challenging, almost verging on "what the hell am I doing?". In the blink of an eye it can completely get away from you, often leaving you wondering why the heck you got into this to begin with?

This is what I was feeling this morning when my usually very pro-yoga and, very enthusiastic group of 12 little yogis, couldn't quite quiet themselves down into easing into their criss-cross apple sauce pose. The pose which signifies the beginning of class.

With little help from an assistant teacher who was nearby, I found myself surrounded by this little sea of bursting energies. My youngest students are two-years old, which I personally find a bit too young for this type of yoga, at least without a guardian sitting somewhat close by. 

Well, after a little while of settling down, I was successfully able to get about five of them into position. The rest of the bunch were running around and tackling one another. I was getting nervous.

Somehow I was able to guide most of them through a full yoga class, but still, I sort of felt defeated. Veddy, veddy, defeated, in fact, truly wondering if working with kids is really a strong point? Funny, how a simple teacher's challenge could topple me over.

In my own life, I am not one to be surrounded by children, in fact, I don't even have any nieces or nephews. Regardless, I do fairly well with kids, I am not terribly unconfident.... well, until they start to break loose and go crazy, of course.

Following a yoga class, I usually sit with them and read a few books. They are, for the most part, fairly attentive and enjoy listening to the stories, even taking turns reading a few lines from the books that are read. Ahhhh, well, not today!

These haven't really been isolated events. I have had challenging classes before, but this one really took the prize.

What do ya do when you find yourself slipping into doubt? Is it somehow a strange sign that, welp, you might just have to move on? I guess I might be simply making a mountain out of a molehill, I know that I am. These instances go on all the time, right? Right?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chelsea and Papa Kebab

Today was just an oUt Of ThIs WoRlD fantastic day to finally step back into NYC again. Haven't been there since mid-October. Desperately needed a little Chelsea fix.

A mean case of lack of breakfast had quickly lead me to a Turkish restaurant on 17th Street, called Papa Kebab. Oh man, this stuff was good. Ordered the JoeJe Kebab, which consisted of tender pieces of chicken breast marinated in yogurt, saffron and Persian spices, grilled on skewers, and served with Basmati rice. The chicken was delightfully moist, and with just enough flavor, and the Basmati rice was the perfect companion. For a beverage, I ordered the Peach Ice Tea ....which I figured would be an old fashioned Peach flavored Snapple.... nope, all completely homemade teas at Papa Kebab.

chelsea styles by digitizedchaos

                                                             chelsea styles, a photo by digitizedchaos on Flickr.   

I chose to be seated at a table that was right against the window. Looking out I could see many passers- by. So many kids ranging from high schoolers to as young as grammar school age. All being let out for their lunch breaks.

At that moment I really wished that I had brought my camera, actually, there were quite a few moments today that I wish I had my camera on me. What an expression of fashion, individuality, friendship, diversity of nationality .....which is really typical of NYC and the whole Metro Area, isn't it? All these kids representing everything. Busting out at the seams. True selves.

The waiter came over and asked if I was interested in anything else. Passing on the Turkish coffee, I decided to ask for the check and be on my way.

Meandering around some,1pm quickly turned into 3pm, and then before I knew it, it was 5 o'clock and I figured that it was time to head home again.

Goodbye Crumbs Bake Shop hot cocoa, you were enjoyable, but not quite as enjoyable as a Starbucks hot cocoa. And gosh darn you, Starbucks, for having an incredibly long line ....yep, I know it was cold out, but still.

Luckily, the little white commuter bus was waiting across the street from the Port Authority, and before I knew, I was back my way home to Joisey.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Getting back on track

I can't even begin to list all of the changes that so many people have gone through in the last few weeks. Hurricane Sandy really packed a wallop.

Living for a whole week without power, little to no cell phone service, and the loss of heat. I have never had so many candles burning at one time. The addition of all of this candle light made this apartment nice and comfy and cozy, sort of romantic, but something I'd never want to be stuck with.

candles, a photo by rogerglenn on Flickr.
candles by rogerglenn
My "one- day- of- the- week" place of employment was horribly affected. Leaving me fearful that I might not even have a semi-job left. My heart ached as I walked through the store and saw what was left of the ground floor. So much to be done. So many thousands of dollars, literally washed away and taken by Sandy.

     We take so much for granted, I know that I am completely guilty of this. I will never forget the feeling that I had when I saw the little green light show up on the bottom of my Kindle, which was the only device that I had left plugged in to alert me when the power had come back on. Each day as I would return home from being out and about, the wish for that little light to be on was so great, I cannot tell you.

It was a long day of working at the store and trying to help clean up the mess. I was praying that I would come home to an apartment filled with electricity and heat, so many nearby neighbors had already received power, so I was in a real hopeful state of mind. My apartment building still looked dark but I noticed some lights on in a neighbors window. Sure enough, as I walked into my bedroom I quickly looked down and noticed this little saving grace of a light. I felt so grateful, really beyond words. Lights, heat, internet ....woohoo!!!

So many friends posting on Facebook about receiving power, or still waiting for power. We were all sort of in this together. Even friends who lived far away from this mess, all wishing good thoughts. Friends overseas chiming in, it really touched everyone.

This past weekend the store that I work for was bombarded with customers coming in to show their support. Of course, we had a great big sale on all items damaged by the flood, so that sort of lured people in, but still, many people purchased things that weren't on sale and we did more business this past weekend than we have done in years. So for all of the destruction that Sandy caused, she did come and grace us with some neighborly love. AND for that, and many other things that are too numerous to mention, I tip my hat to ya, Sandy. Just don't send that brother, Tony, of yours any time soon. :)