When and Where

Deep songs
Are meant to be sung
In the dark
At first, alone
And then amongst friends
And then alone again
To make sure they are intact.
Deep songs, when released
At the right place and time
Make deep grooves
In the pavement and dirt
And alter the landscape forever.
Even if someone falls into your groove
It retunes them to their own
Inner song
And music and magic
Happens everywhere.

-Patricia Anderson

About a month ago, I felt myself being drawn more and more to the power of poetry. I sort of made a promise to myself that I would actively seek out a new poem to share each week. Well, the art of great poetry seems to be enthusiastically finding a place by my side. In fact, I'm a little surprised at how easily these poems seem to be finding me, little to no seeking at all. When this poem found it's way to my doorstep, it really touched a nerve in me regarding how it feels to take first steps, mainly creative ones. Also, when and where ....and to whom, these fragile and sometimes rickety first steps are finally revealed.