Monday, February 13, 2012


The first week of March, which is fast approaching, will be the one year mark of being a member of the increasingly popular Unemployed Set.

In the beginning months it had been all but a race to explore all that previously had been unexplored. Violin lessons, volunteer work, museum visits, anything that I could possibly get my hands on that may strike a spark, ignite the heart.

Now a year later, and wishing I could ask Alfie "what's it all about?". I'm not sure if I'm entirely much wiser than I had been a year ago ....and unfortunately, also feeling quite unemployable.

Wonder if anyone else is out there feeling a bit the same way? Giving all you've got, and still, nothing seems to move...

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  1. Kat, I am close to the end of year two! I have done plenty: learned to draw, crochet, took up pilates, took some sewing classes, did some volunteer work, etc. I think the true trick is to stop waiting for the zinging spark and think about what would make you feel happy & fulfilled. You'll find it!