Monday, January 14, 2013

New glasses for a New Year

It was a few days into the new year and after walking around Chelsea for about an hour or so, I decided to treat my stomach's rumblings to a wholesome lunch at Le Pain Quotidien.

Завтрак в хлебе) до 16:00 между прочим в праздники)#le pain qoutidien#petit dejeuner#breakfast by te4e
photo by te4e
Seated across from me was a table consisting of three men. Of the three, my eye was quickly drawn to a young Asian man wearing red and yellow glasses. There was this inner spark about him. He seemed happy, electric, full of life. Hands animated in self-expression, eyes wide open with enthusiasm. The other two men at the table were closely listening to him as he told his tale. This man of interest, the one with the shnazzy red and yellow specs, was comfortably clad in a grey colored sweater, red pants, a black and white patterned scarf around his neck, sporting white sneakers on his feet, and a small tattoo of the some sort sketched on his forearm.

At the end of every year I hear a good many people talk about picking a word for their upcoming year. My friend's pick for her 2013 theme was the word Kindness. One word seemed a little limiting for me this year so I went ahead and came up with two: Expansion and Love.

While sitting in the restaurant and enjoying my lunch I began to get the inkling that 2013's example of "expansion and love", was sitting right across from me in the form of a man decorated with red and yellow glasses. His core, his smile, his enthusiasm ....his whole essence, all something waiting to be emulated and adopted for the new year.

Have you stumbled upon your own red and yellow glasses? If so, what would they be?