Monday, February 11, 2013

covered ground

Well, we have finally experienced a good snowfall in this area. For awhile, I thought that there may have been a slight chance that we may just escape it. It could have been much worse. Looks as though we were just shy of 10 inches. What a beauty to behold when the snow sets itself down on the branches.

This is Miss Lucinda. She has taken a brake from grooming to strike a pose. So comfy and cozy to be inside surrounded by quilts and pillows. How do you get comfy and cozy on a snowy day like this? Any favorite past times? Popping popcorn, a good Netflix, and even a nice glass of Chilean red wine all sound nice to me.

I live in an urban area. This park is one that is very close in distance to me. With a major amount of snow dusting, it almost gives the park an old fashioned feel. Looks a little country-ish, even.

Well, there ya have it. Our little visit from Ole Man Winter. Hmmm be continued???