Wednesday, April 3, 2013

an afternoon with Flora Bowley

Flora Bowley is an amazing artist. If you haven't already heard of her, do check out her wonderful website She has released an awesome book based on her own approach to creating art called, Brave Intuitive Painting -let go, be bold, unfold. Being an Aquarian, I always tend to be attracted to the "zany" in life. And by ZaNy, I mean anything that allows you to celebrate your juices outside the lines. Flora encourages just that. Leave your head and slither right down into your body, your senses. Feel, express, be brave, be free with your colors, lines, circles, dashes, emotions. 

My very first step was to lay the canvas paper down on the floor. I then chose my blue, red, and yellow acrylic paints to begin the process and then I began to splatter the paint down onto the canvas. Taking a spray bottle full of water, I proceeded to spray the colors in any direction that felt right. Next, I brought my canvas into an upright position and let it bleed in whatever way it wanted. A few more sprays of water, a little more maneuvering, and presto! Ok, I am new to this, don't judge.:) I do see a horse's head organically appear towards the top of the painting, so that was kind of cool and an unexpected surprise.

Feeling a little freer with the spray bottle this time. I choose to outline this particular painting with a pen. 

Again, using a pen as a border. I start to see some flowers emerge in this one.

This painting is one that can be found within the pages of her book and certainly one of my favorite works from Flora Bowley. I feel so fortunate to have found her work. One day I would love to take a painting workshop with her. Until then, I guess I will continue to place some canvas down on my little kitchen floor and let the colors fly. Freeing myself a little bit more each day. Well, I hope you enjoyed this artistic excursion! Enjoy the rest of the week, and as Flora might say, "Be Brave, Be Bold".


  1. LOVE these paintings! Ms. Bowley is super-talented.

  2. THanks, Keith! Her artwork is great. This process is also so much fun!