Monday, May 21, 2012

Ventured, but not quite gained

What is it that keeps you motivated, keeps you interested and on your toes? Is it something that just presents itself? Something that just grabs a hold of you and doesn't let go the feeling you had when you met that one really cool person who went on to become your best friend? Who knew that was going to happen?

It always amazes me how many hobbies seem to just come and go. Maybe it's just me but I don't think that I am alone in this. You grab an interest, have a cup of coffee with it, then eventually feel that this one will shine, this is the one you will remain faithful to, motivated by. Then within six months, it's a knickknack.

Looking through my jewelry box today, I couldn't help but notice all of the pretty earrings that I had created about two years ago. Walking past a bead store in NYC one day, I decided to go in and take a peek at what was inside. Silver, gold, coral, turquoise, and just about every other color and texture under the sun. I quickly whipped out my debit card, had my beads and earring supplies bagged, and I was off on a new journey.

I now own about eight different pairs of homespun earrings. Earring creations that I posted on my Facebook profile that generated a good amount of attention, with lots and lots of love. Visions of business cards, business names, an Etsy shop, all filling my heart and head. Since I had been laid off from my job last year I have created a total of zero pairs, no actually I think I did create one pair, one! What the heck happened? Apparently, I have all the time in the world and end up only generating one pair of earrings. Where did that passion go? What the heck happened? How can do you get it back? How does one get whatever "it is" back? Anyone? Just wondering....


  1. I think this is a tough one. I started doing beadwork in my late teens and had an online business in my 20's that didn't jump off. I have found that my take on bead work is really different right now depending on what materials I can find. I think the best thing to do is allow yourself to meander and you will come back to what you need to when it is time! And maybe carry an extra pair around in case someone compliments the one you are wearing :)

    1. Hi Luna! I love that you started a business in your 20's, that's amazing. About a month ago I had taken a fused glass class. Wanted to find out if that might spark an interest and bring me back to jewelry making ....well, it didn't. Ha! I did, however, start to develop an interest in stained glass making. Think I may see what type of jewelry I could make with that. It's a lot easier than fused glass because you don't need a kiln. Anyhow, thanks for your advice. I appreciate it!