Monday, May 14, 2012

When a spark ignites

It was right about this time last year, while sitting in my neighborhood park, that I found myself experiencing such an urge to contribute in some way. Maybe I could play a part in creating some color, some activity ...a little added slice of soul, even?

`Watching the kid's play, I started to envision this same group of little gals, and maybe even little guys, all engaged in some yoga stretches. Yoga mats spread out in a circle, lots of smiles, giggles, and of course that one little bugger who refuses to participate, but somehow ALWAYS seems to purposely knock that ball into our small yoga court. AND I know he likes that dark haired little gal, he's just shy.

Rock ahead one year. I am now officially yoga kid certified. My park is still there, and apparently, my passion, which had actually been dormant for quite awhile.

Will this summer be the one season that this is played out, that I pull off what I was envisioning this time last year, when it all was just a dream in my much perplexed and highly unemployed state of being?

Not sure, but hoping to do some yoga mat fitting this weekend on a particular patch of grass that I had my eye set on last year. A patch made for making a difference, forging a dream, and of course, welcoming that little bugger with open arms.

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