Monday, June 4, 2012

Today I had every intention of writing a blog post about the isolation, frustration, and all out self-doubt that can often creep along with being unemployed and searching for a Real job, a.k.a ...dream job. This search can also be made even more difficult by the additional search for what some folks might call a "job-job", which is really just a sniglet for the supplemental job you sometimes need while pursuing your soul's calling, or a job in which there is absolutely no eye rolling required on the part of your friends or family.

Instead, I finding myself sitting here at my kitchen table and looking out the window at a very, very, very soggy and rather grey day, forcing me to be more pre-occupied with thoughts of comfort, sofa- cuddling, creativity, and perhaps spinning a few tunes on the turntable. 

So from my desk/kitchen table to yours, may I present a little rainy day magic from Louis and Ella...

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