Monday, August 27, 2012


I haven't visited "An Inquisitive Kat" in such a very long time. Partly due to inertia, largely due to overload.

A good many things have occurred in the last several months. Some of them quite good, and when I say "good", I mean life changing. And some that quite literally threw me for a loop, including the unexpected death of my brother at the oh so young age of 53.

We never know what will happen in life, but one thing that I'm fairly certain of is that with each event that occurs there is a definite and unique mark that is left on our spirit. Something is taken away from you, other things are added ....thankfully, hopefully, praise be to that spirit in the sky that they will be added, and quickly.

So here I am again at the "Inquisitive". Oozing gladness to be back. A little sadder, yes, but also equipped with great gusto to get back on track and continue to do some searching, loving, and living. Oh yeah!

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