Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Getting back on track

I can't even begin to list all of the changes that so many people have gone through in the last few weeks. Hurricane Sandy really packed a wallop.

Living for a whole week without power, little to no cell phone service, and the loss of heat. I have never had so many candles burning at one time. The addition of all of this candle light made this apartment nice and comfy and cozy, sort of romantic, but something I'd never want to be stuck with.

candles, a photo by rogerglenn on Flickr.
candles by rogerglenn
My "one- day- of- the- week" place of employment was horribly affected. Leaving me fearful that I might not even have a semi-job left. My heart ached as I walked through the store and saw what was left of the ground floor. So much to be done. So many thousands of dollars, literally washed away and taken by Sandy.

     We take so much for granted, I know that I am completely guilty of this. I will never forget the feeling that I had when I saw the little green light show up on the bottom of my Kindle, which was the only device that I had left plugged in to alert me when the power had come back on. Each day as I would return home from being out and about, the wish for that little light to be on was so great, I cannot tell you.

It was a long day of working at the store and trying to help clean up the mess. I was praying that I would come home to an apartment filled with electricity and heat, so many nearby neighbors had already received power, so I was in a real hopeful state of mind. My apartment building still looked dark but I noticed some lights on in a neighbors window. Sure enough, as I walked into my bedroom I quickly looked down and noticed this little saving grace of a light. I felt so grateful, really beyond words. Lights, heat, internet ....woohoo!!!

So many friends posting on Facebook about receiving power, or still waiting for power. We were all sort of in this together. Even friends who lived far away from this mess, all wishing good thoughts. Friends overseas chiming in, it really touched everyone.

This past weekend the store that I work for was bombarded with customers coming in to show their support. Of course, we had a great big sale on all items damaged by the flood, so that sort of lured people in, but still, many people purchased things that weren't on sale and we did more business this past weekend than we have done in years. So for all of the destruction that Sandy caused, she did come and grace us with some neighborly love. AND for that, and many other things that are too numerous to mention, I tip my hat to ya, Sandy. Just don't send that brother, Tony, of yours any time soon. :)

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