Monday, November 26, 2012

small grains

Today I was skimming through Facebook and I noticed a comment that was made in response to a friend's status update. The comment had to do with finding one occurrence a day that you were truly grateful for, something that made a difference, lit you up, tickled your toes.

A few weeks ago I tried doing that and it just fell flat. I quickly went back into my old ways of worry, distraction, fault finding--with my own self and others.

With the holidays coming up, there really is so much to feel Wonder about. Everyone is out and about. Christmas lights are up, in fact, just this morning I noticed someone who had wrapped their air conditioner in Xmas wrapping paper and a bow. Big ole Xmas present nestled right inside their window.

Also, while on Facebook, I came across a status update from Goddess Leonie Dawson and I quickly grabbed it as my Wonder (or grateful grain) for the day.

"There is not one thing you need to change about yourself to be beautiful. You already are. It's how you were born. True story mate!"

Not sure why, but it just stood out for me today.

What stood out for you?

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