Friday, November 16, 2012

New Ventures ....and when they show their teeth.

Kids Yoga by lindsay satchell

                                                                   Kids Yoga, a photo by lindsay satchell on Flickr.

        And when she was good, she was very, very good. But when she was bad, she was horrid! 

This statement is something that I would most certainly tack onto my experience teaching my early morning yoga class, today. Not necessarily describing the children themselves, although, they were quite the wild bunch. I was thinking more of how a new venture can go from feeling marvelous, fun, even enlightening, to extremely challenging, almost verging on "what the hell am I doing?". In the blink of an eye it can completely get away from you, often leaving you wondering why the heck you got into this to begin with?

This is what I was feeling this morning when my usually very pro-yoga and, very enthusiastic group of 12 little yogis, couldn't quite quiet themselves down into easing into their criss-cross apple sauce pose. The pose which signifies the beginning of class.

With little help from an assistant teacher who was nearby, I found myself surrounded by this little sea of bursting energies. My youngest students are two-years old, which I personally find a bit too young for this type of yoga, at least without a guardian sitting somewhat close by. 

Well, after a little while of settling down, I was successfully able to get about five of them into position. The rest of the bunch were running around and tackling one another. I was getting nervous.

Somehow I was able to guide most of them through a full yoga class, but still, I sort of felt defeated. Veddy, veddy, defeated, in fact, truly wondering if working with kids is really a strong point? Funny, how a simple teacher's challenge could topple me over.

In my own life, I am not one to be surrounded by children, in fact, I don't even have any nieces or nephews. Regardless, I do fairly well with kids, I am not terribly unconfident.... well, until they start to break loose and go crazy, of course.

Following a yoga class, I usually sit with them and read a few books. They are, for the most part, fairly attentive and enjoy listening to the stories, even taking turns reading a few lines from the books that are read. Ahhhh, well, not today!

These haven't really been isolated events. I have had challenging classes before, but this one really took the prize.

What do ya do when you find yourself slipping into doubt? Is it somehow a strange sign that, welp, you might just have to move on? I guess I might be simply making a mountain out of a molehill, I know that I am. These instances go on all the time, right? Right?


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