Friday, March 8, 2013

2nd Anniversary

It is here. It is March, and that would be the marking of my two year anniversary of being without a traditional full-time job. Also, the beginning of creating a blog where I could remain open, curious ...Inquisitive.

I clearly remember the feeling of being laid off from a job that I had for over 13 years. Scary, exhilarating, a little like jumping out of an airplane. Although, I've never actually jumped out of an airplane but it's definitely on the bucket list.:) 

My senses were overloaded with new ideas, new experiences ...some joyful, others quite painful.

It was within this time frame that I discovered my passions. I got the opportunity to volunteer my time and quickly become acquainted with folks that were sight impaired, as well as children who were autistic and had such an affinity for subjects such as yoga, art, and music, it literally took my breath away. And why the heck was I feeling so dead for so many years? So much to explore and enjoy about life. I realize that these were the souls ...big and small ...who were meant to take over where my prior work ended.

Today I am a certified children's yoga instructor. I also work part-time at the retail store that I used to manage on a full-time basis.

Life is weird, isn't it? You never really know where you're going to go. Would never have thought that I would be here doing what I am doing. And there is so much yet to explore and learn. Everything is New. 

I am often not always sure that I am on the right path. At times, it's scary as hell. It could also be quite lonely, as most people don't have the stomach to leave the tried and true, so you don't have many "co-workers" along side you. I know if the decision wasn't made for me, I might still be where I was.

So, in keeping within a celebratory mode ...after all this is an anniversary celebration for gosh sakes! Here's to everyone who is celebrating something New, something that just might have snuggled up to you quite incidentally  ...but luckily. 


  1. Wow Kat...what an amazing story of how thigng in life can lead us to unexpected beginnings!

  2. Thanks, Keith. Just curious, any "new beginnings" stories of your own?