Monday, March 18, 2013

The Light in Your Eyes 

If I had named you at birth
you would be called
and if I had nurtured you from the start
I'd have made some mistakes
in the name of love
or so I would have said
and when the truth was revealed
I would have pushed back at it
so it would not crush you

A soul formed
dark and deep as Titan's witches brew
and a love
infinite as the stars in the sky
Blue as the light in your eyes.

                           -Janet Jordan

Today's poem was written by my friend Janet Jordan. She and I would chat back and forth about the joys of creativity. Creativity that often remained in the dark ....just between me, myself, and I. One day we decided to share some of our secret works with one another. She sent me several poems but there was just something about this particular one that somehow stayed with me a little longer than the others. So on this rather cloudy NYC afternoon, I proudly present the awesome poetry of Ms. Janet Jordan. 

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