Monday, March 11, 2013

The Truth About Love

In a room with a window in the corner, I found truth by An Gobán Saor
A photo by An Goban Saor

The Truth About Love

You are a prayer
Your presence a blessing
Your body a thing of beauty
The very fact that you even exist
A miracle beyond measure

Take a moment
Right here
Right now
To remember that you know how      
You have ALWAYS known how

To breathe in the light
To exhale the stars
To dance wildly on mountaintops
To stretch your heart around the world
To be a raging river of mercy

Let this holy truth
Pump and pulse
Through every vein and artery and capillary
Of your sweet body

You are love
Only love
Endless love
Unceasing love
Forever love

Yes you
Are the gorgeous, blessed, dazzling sacred heart of love

                           -Chris Zydel

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